April 2023

TBM 208: "Do You Have Specific Examples?"

"Do you have any specific examples?" The question can be both helpful and triggering. Consider two examples: Performance Feedback: You're in a performance review situation, and your manager makes a broad statement like, "You need to slow down to bring other people along on the journey!" What do you do? Your chest tenses up, and you feel threatened. The broad, sweeping statement cuts deep. You ask, "Could you give me an example so I could better understand?"

10 tips for writing good product handover documentation

Having recently been offered a new product leadership role, Abigail Lloyd is in the throes of handing over my domain to a new product manager. Here are her 10 tips for developing useful handover documents that not only capture where the product is today, but also serve as an evergreen go-to reference for anybody wanting a contextual overview.

March 2023