The Path to Becoming a Better Product Manager

📅 2021-06-10 •

Really enjoyed listening to this fireside chat between Janna Bastow and Petra Wille discussing Petra’s new book Strong Product People and professional growth for Product Managers.

Why I use a theme-based roadmap

📅 2021-06-05 •

If you’re a Product Manager, you’ve likely been asked to display your roadmap as a Gantt chart, or other visual so that the deliverables can be seen against a timeline. This might be due to requests from C-Suite management wanting clarity when a feature will be delivered or due to legacy Project Management Office behaviours. Regardless of the catalysts, these requests come from good intentions. However, your organisation is likely focusing too much on shipping features and meeting arbitrary deadlines to sate customer requests than solving real problems. This approach is likely delivering features that do not meet expectations, dissatisfying customers and stakeholders alike.

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Wireframes Aren’t Just for Designers

📅 2021-05-03 •

I was only just getting started in product management working as a junior at Ask Jeeves when I first came across wireframes. With a little artistic flare, I found one can easily layout screen controls in Balsamiq to draw enough to at least show what a webpage could or should do. Just like this Mind the Product article says, “Wireframes Aren’t Just for Designers”. They’re a thinking and communication tool for Product Managers.

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Working Backwards From A Fake Press Release

📅 2021-04-23 •

I’ve recently become involved with figuring out the vision for a major new product capability. This idea has excited many colleagues with the possibilities our successful experiment. However, as there are many competing ideas and overlapping viewpoints, it’s become obvious that arriving early at a conscious will be crucial.

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Behind Every Great Product by Marty Cagan at Mind the Product London 2016

📅 2018-06-07 •

In the opening keynote at this year’s London MTPCon, Silicon Valley Product Group’s Marty Cagan shared his latest thoughts on what makes a great product manager by looking at the history of some great products.