June 2023

Breaking Down Walls - Silicon Valley Product Group

By SVPG Partner Christian Idiodi Note from Marty: I was lucky enough to know Jeremiah, and I considered him one of the best VPE/CTO’s I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.  Christian worked side by side with him for many years, at two different companies, so he’s the perfect person to write this article...

May 2023

The Psychology Behind Successful Products by Nathalie Nahai

In this talk from Mind The Product San Francisco, Nathalie Nahai explains the psychological principles behind the successful conversion, adoption and monetization of products, and how you can use these techniques in a nice vs naughty way. Nathalie is the Web Psychologist and best-selling author of Webs Of Influence: The Psychology Of Online Persuasion. Having Read more »

What is a Product? - Silicon Valley Product Group

I promise this will not be one of those navel-gazing exercises.  This is going to be a very pragmatic article about a critical and fundamental topic. One of the consequences of the popularity of the earlier article on empowered product teams is that it uncovered several significant areas of confusion about product. There are many...