Hello, I am a Matthew!

I am a Lead Product Manager with over of experience. I build data-driven products that support businesses by integrating Advertising and eCommerce technologies in innovative ways to create competitive advantages within the MarTech space.

About Me

Currently, I work for Acorn Intelligence, an eCommerce and Advertising agency that supports brands to grow their revenues on Amazon. I am their Lead Product Manager, responsible for our SaaS platform used by clients and colleagues alike, Ignite by Acorn-i.

Along with being a Product Manager, I am a husband, Dyslexic, hobbyist programmer, Loughborough University graduate, occasional baker and open-source admirer, among other things.

Previously was a Senior Product Manager at The Exchange Lab, a WPP company. WPP acquired The Exchange Lab for our proprietary Programmatic Advertising technology, Proteus. Before that, I was a Product Manager at Ask.com. If you want to learn more, please read my Resume.

What I do

As a Product Manager, I am the voice of the customer on my Product Development team and work with design, engineering and quality assurance specialists to help them produce valuable solutions for our customers. In addition, I meet our clients regularly to evangelise our product and learn from their experience.

Product Strategy

I use theme-based roadmaps to articulate how I intend to realise our product strategy statements for founders and senior stakeholders on our Product Council. I present prioritised experiments and opportunities we'll tackle Now, Next and Later to delight our customers.

Product Discovery

I work with founders, customers, and colleagues to uncover the motivations behind apparent unmet needs, pain points or desires to become more knowledgeable about the problem space. Once armed with this information, I identify those worth pursuing beyond experimentation to realise a positive outcome via our product.

Product Development

I work closely with UI/UX Designers, Engineering colleagues to nurture opportunities through the ideation process, from the initial idea through to design, delivery and customer launch. I utilise product narratives, wireframes and user stories to communicate the desired outcome for our customers.