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Hello! You've found me :)

My name is Matthew. I'm a Product Manager, Big Data wrangler, Dyslexic and hobbyist programmer ... among other things.

What I do!


I work with founders, customers and colleges alike to discover opportunities worth persuing.


I use theme based roadmaps with founders and senior stakeholders to prioritise opportunities and communicate what we'll tackle now, next and later.


I work closely with product development teams to nurture opportunities through ideation, design, delivery, release and customer launch.


I collect and organise feedback from product development teams, co-founders, customers and colleges to further refine products to ensure success.


I am a Lead Product Manager with over years of experience and a Certified Scrum Product Owner. I hold a degree in Computing and Management BSc from Loughborough University. Currently, I am employed by Acorn-i as a Technical Product Lead. I work closely with the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founders on our technology strategy. Acorn-i is a specialist in generating sales on Amazon and ensuring brands are setup for e-commerce success. Previously, I have been employed as a Senior Product Manager at The Exchange Lab, a WPP company. WPP acquired The Exchange Lab for Proteus, our proprietary Programmatic Advertising technology. I’ve also been a Product Manager at



Outside of work, I’m a hobbyist programmer. I’ve worked on a number of things beyond this website that interest me and develop skills learned whilst studying Computing and Management BSc (Hons) DPS degree at Loughborough University.


I love podcasts, they’re a fantastic way to distribute content to like minded listen in your own time. For me as a dyslexic, podcasts are a brilliant way to soak up information. I listen to a number of current affairs, industry specific and comedy podcasts. One of which I’ve listened to for over ten years.

To keep and curate these podcasts I have written a program to download new episodes and reformatting the ID3 tags to suit my needs. You may be wondering what is the point. Partly is because I can, but by doing so I have been able to create a catalog of shows with interviews, comedy, and debates far in excess of anything a smartphone can store which I can relisten to episodes as you might reread well-loved books.