My names is Matthew and I am Product Manager. I am currently employed by a start-up that is placed at the intersection of eCommerce and advertising.

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About Me

I am a Lead Product Manager with over years of experience. I read Computing and Management BSc at Loughborough University.

Currently, I am employed by Acorn-i as a Technical Product Lead. As their Lead Product Manager, I have worked closely with the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founders to deliver the technology our shared vision for our product, Ignite by Acorn-i. I work hard to discover what is usable, valuable, and feasible for our various customer groups.

Previously, I have been employed as a Senior Product Manager at The Exchange Lab, a WPP company. WPP acquired The Exchange Lab for Proteus, our proprietary Programmatic Advertising technology. I’ve also been a Product Manager at Ask.com.

If you want to learn more, please read my Resume.

What I do...


I work with founders, customers and colleagues alike to explore new opportunities and identify those problems worth persuing further for Business-to-Business software.

Priorities & Plan

I use theme-based product roadmaps to present prioritised opportunities with founders and senior stackholders to communicate what we're tackling now, next and later to realise our vision.

Design and Build

I work closely with UI/UX and Engineering colleagues of product development teams to nurture opportunities through ideation, design, delivery, to customer launch. I utilise product narratives, wireframes and user stories to communicate the needs of our customers.


I collect and organise feedback from product development teams, customers, founders, and colleges to further refine products to ensure success.