May 2022

Chief Question Officer

"Chief Question Officer" is the unofficial role of many great product, design, and engineering leaders. 5 tips for asking better questions.

April 2022

Brian Crofts - Innovation Requires Insights

Brian Crofts, Chief Product Officer at Pendo, believes uncovering and understanding client pain points allows him to build products that truly resonate. Brian joined Pendo from Namely, and formerly from Intuit, where he started his career in finance before finding his passion for product. He worked on new businesses for TurboTax and later led global [...] Read more »

Best vs. Rest Explained - Silicon Valley Product Group

In my last article, I shared with you some of the key learnings from The Lost Interview with Steve Jobs.  But there is so much gold in that 70 minute interview, that I wanted to highlight a different topic in this article. If you read much SVPG content, you know that we’re all about the...

The Nature of Product - Silicon Valley Product Group

I spend so much of my time coaching, writing, and talking about how different it is to build products at strong product companies versus the rest. When a product person, or especially a product coach, has not yet had the good fortune to work on a strong product team at a strong product company, then...